Taking residents on an outride

I’ve been at Horizon Farm Trust for about 2 weeks now.  This is a very different experience than I thought I was going to have this time in South Africa.  While horses are part of the experience, it’s more about the farm, their residents, their philosophy and capturing that on video. 
As I said in the first blog, Horizon Farm is a permanent residential program for developmentally disabled adults and here, there are dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, parrots and horses.  This relationship with the farm animals, particularly the horses is an important part of Horizon Farm’s philosophy. The morning horses grooming is part of that philosophy.  I’m finishing a video to help the farm recruit volunteers.  There are shots of how important the horse program is here.

My little house

As the pictures show, there is some beautiful riding in the surrounding area. 

Polo and me up at the falls.

 There is a big bicycle park that’s walking distance from the farm and they have laid out trails throughout this area.  I’ve never seen such a great park like this. The park also has a nice outdoor café which I frequent for breakfast and Geoff and I also go there for a beer or two.

Sne gets me my coffee at the cafe.

We made a quick trip to Durban.
Geoff and I have refreshment in Durban.
Like Seattle, Durban is a boat town.

My boss, Geoff is an interesting person.  He’s one of the founding trustees of the farm.  He and his late wife felt that horses were an important part of any program for developmentally disabled, hence the horses that brought me here.  Geoff became complete blind over 20 years ago.  But that hasn’t stopped his quest for adventure.  He’s hiked in the Sahara, climbed on Kilimanjaro and most spectacularly sailed from Durban to Australia – solo!  He’s fascinated me with accounts of this sail and I’ve fascinated him with my experiences on the Adventuress. 

Before leaving on April 20th, I hope to do a video on the volunteer opportunities here and perhaps another on their long term residential program.  I’ll post it here when I return.  Stay tuned! (God does anyone use that expression anymore – it comes from the old days of radio!)

Some of my friends who are residents here at the farm 


  1. Linn on April 12, 2013 at 5:30 pm

    Even though you are coming back sooner than you thought, it still looks like quite an adventure! Have fun your last days there, David, and we'll see you soon!