One month and counting

2:00 am!

I’ve been at the farm for a little over 3 weeks and it’s been over a month since I left Port Townsend.  It always seems amazing how a week, a month can seem so long when traveling.  Port Townsend seems very far away right now.  But life here continues with some great high spots.

Ammarnus’ Church.  I’ll be performing here June 9th!

Helena had the farrier Hans come for the Spring shoeing.  What Helena calls Cold Blooded horses have different hoof problem.  Here the farier put’s the shoe on backwards – very deliberately. 

I rode with Gunnar to Lycksele and we had lunch at this TeePee restaurant.  It’s the same restaurant Nancy Lehwalter and I had breakfast over 15 years ago!
Gunnar is a member of the Fire, Search and Rescue team.  Here he’s beside their “old” truck.

And below he’s beside their new truck!

We rode to this spectacular vista point.  I’ll leave descriptive words to you.

Helena shoots a pix of our guests Sara and Rebecca.

And yep – I was there!

 I was invited to talk to their school – a one room school house with 8 great kids ranging from grade 1 thru 6.  I showed slides of America including pix of the Adenturess.

Then I played some Uk tunes, including “You are my Sunshine.”  Well turns out they are singing that song at their graduation in a couple weeks.  The teacher asked me if I’d come and sing it with them.  Of course – pix I’m sure to follow.

Hrekkur gives me the eye!