Returning to Mustang Camp

After four years I’m back up Largo Canyon in New Mexico where Patricia Irick and her husband John run Mustang Camp.  I have kept in touch with them and I’m very glad to be back.

A couple colts, about 4 months old welcome me! 
Oh, yeah, their moms are here too.

Pat continues to gentle wild mustangs that have been brought in off the range. (I think she’s up to over 300 horses!)  Gentling has a specific meaning to her clients, the National Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.  The horse has to be comfortable being handled, can be lead with a led rope and halter, respond to basic word commands and be trailer-able. Pat adds additional skills to the list.  And she is constantly honing her techniques.  She continues to have helpers from around the world (like me.) There are two German girls here now, Maurin and Nadine.  They are very good with the horses really helpful and have learned a lot working with Pat (as do I.)

Maurine help’s Nadine mount Sydney

Pat’s has expanded her training to include saddle training.  Most Mustangs can be brought to being comfortable with a rider quite quickly.  She’s developed a step by step method which can help those who have adopted a “gentled” mustang bring them to saddle.  Maurin and Nadine demonstrate this for the video.

And my “job” while I’m here is to prepare that video of this new part of Pat’s mustang training – training mustangs to work under saddle. We’ve already have a good start.


  1. filly4billy2002 on September 19, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Looking forward to future installments!