The last days at Mustang Camp and then…

Ricky and Sundance caught kissing!

Nadine and  Maurine enter the final stages of saddle training with Mrs Potts.

Nadine and Mrs. Potts go for a ride!

 And there you have it.  A saddle trained Mustang!  It was a great experience for Mrs. Potts, Nadine, Maurine, Pat and me!

There are always good byes when leaving.  My buddy Annie and I took walks around the country of Mustang Camp.  She was a cross between something golden and a coyote.   She of course doesn’t know what good bye is, but maybe she missed me the afternoon I left.

And then, after we left…. 

Pat arranged for us to go to Acacia Riding Adventures  about 60 miles south of Albuquerque.  Dacodah has put together what he calls “The ride of your life.  Well he was right!

We were there two days.  I don’t have pix of the first day’s ride in the canyon country near Dacodah’s place, but on the 2nd day  we headed for White Sands (NM) and it was an amazing ride!

We cantered up and down the dunes! See my Adventuress T shirt?

– well we didn’t canter down the dunes – it was way too steep.  In fact you couldn’t see the bottom until you came over the crest. 

 It was a wonderful way to end the trip. (Not counting the 2,100 mile drive back to Port Townsend.)  Words just don’t do justice to the experience with Dacodah .  The pictures come close.

There will be more pix coming up – including some videos.  So stay tuned.
In the mean time I’m enjoying being back in Port Townsend where Fall has arrived in the land of the pointy trees.