Video Productions

Here are some videos I’ve made in the last few years:



Camp Beausite Northwest (2016)
Camp Beausite Northwest has programs for people with special needs.  I’ve been involved with the camp since 2014.  In the summers they have five week long camps. This video is about their 2016 summer camps. To view the video, click here.

me and polo at waterfallHorizon Farm in South Africa (2013)
I went back to South Africa again in the spring of 2013.  I worked with Horizon Farm, a residential program for developmentally disabled adults.  I  help them with their horse program and making a video on activities at the farm. To view the video, click here.

I also made a video on the Horizon School which is part of the farm and works with developmentally disabled
children.  To view the video, click here.

Patricia Barlow-Irick training wild mustangs (2012)
I spent a few weeks in New Mexico working for Pat and learning gentling techniques she uses with wild mustangs just brought in off the range.  There’s more information about all this on my blog (Use the link on the right.)  I made 8 videos on these techniques.  To view these videos click here.

Come Ride with Us (2010) is a video I made for my hosts in South Africa to show what riding with Wilderness Adventures is like.  I was an instructor/guide with them this last (our) Winter – their Summer.

A Knight’s Tale (2010)
is a video of a live show presented in Wilderness, South Africa.  It was shot by Dewalt DeKock, and produced by my boss Elbrus Ourtaev (Brus)  just prior to my arrival in January.  I added sound effects and edited this video.

The Silva Project presents Franklin Levenson:(2009) is a video I made while I was working at the Silva Project in the Spring of ’09.  It shows the unique breed of horses the Project is trying to save from extinction.

Come Sail with Us (2007) is a video about the schooner Adventuress which I am lucky enough to volunteer on.  I made this in collaboration with Elizabeth Becker.